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"Plate Heat Exchanger know-how for decades"


VAU Thermotech is a manufacturer of brazed & fully welded plate heat exchangers made in Germany for the industry, wholesale & OEM 


Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers 



Fully welded Plate Heat Exchangers  



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August 2017

VAU visited Brazilian sugar factory & trade Show "Fenasucro" 2017 >>



July 2017

AIRBUS A330 components made by VAU >>



With experience in designing, engineering and manufacturing heat exchangers we proudly offer our Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers ensuring the highest ratings for both pressure and temperature.


The Hybrid Heat Exchanger can cover almost all industrial applications, since it can be adapted to almost all thermal conditions. For standard applications the fully welded VAU-Bloc can be used.


Our modern and CNC-based machinery allow efficient, cost-effective and in-time production. Modern machines are necessary for high precision.

     April 2017

Successful Installation of plate falling film Evaporator at Südzucker >>


Fast delivery for all VM brazed heat exchangers.

 The Hybrid heat exchanger combines the advantages of a plate heat exchanger with those of a shell & tube.  "just in time" & "made in Germany"    


-DIN EN 9001:2008

-AD 2000 HP 0 and DIN EN 13445-4 Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU

-Module A2 acc. to Directive 2014/69/EU






VAU Thermotech GmbH & Co. KG, An der Schmücke 16, 06577 Heldrungen |, +49(0)34673-1683-00